Gifts for the animal lover
Gift guide for animal lovers

Know someone who loves animals? Need to buy them a gift? We have a wealth of gift ideas for everyone that are perfect to foster wild animals, birds and insects in their back garden. We also have plenty of unusual and unique gift options such as farmyard ornaments, garden rockers and stakes that wildlife fans will love!

Wooden Hedgehog House With Bark Roof

Do you know an animal lover who loves hedgehogs? Then take a look at this lovely hedgehog house that would make a great gift. This attractive house provides them with a safe place to shelter and hibernate with a tunnel at the entrance to keep predators at bay and a slanted bark roof that allows water and snow to run off.

Three Floor Wooden Insect House With Metal Roof

If you know an animal lover, they will adore this gift. Our Insect House will provide them with hours of fun encouraging wildlife into their garden. It will be so rewarding when you see wildlife using the gift that you bought, creating a habitat for them all. It also provides an excellent way of introducing children and grandchildren to the wonders of the natural world.

Four Birds & Leaf Bird Water Bowl

For the birdwatcher in your life, this water bowl will make the perfect gift. Add this birdbath to the garden or outdoor space and you’ll provide vital water to ensure the health of all their favourite garden birds. Suitable for both lawns, balconies and patios and can be left out as a decorative touch all year round.

Dorothy Decorative Garden Pig Ornament

Dorothy will make a fantastic gift for an animal lover, adding a charming farmyard touch to any home or garden. She is sure to add a colourful atmosphere amongst the garden greenery and is fun and quirky, full of character and will make your recipient smile every time they see her. Standing at 22cm tall she is an eye-catching addition to any patio, lawn, decking or balcony.

Green Jay Bird Garden Wind Rocker

A gift for any bird lover is this Green Jay rocker, a quirky metal garden decoration featuring a cheeky jay bird balancing at the top, gently rocking back and forth in the wind. This is a beautiful sculpture to your garden, that will bring colour, peace and tranquility with its gentle rocking motion

Cast Iron Blue Tit Bird Ornament

This gift will allow your animal lover to enjoy a spot of bird watching from the comfort of your own home. Ideal to place on a patio, in your flower beds, or even on a windowsill or mantlepiece indoors. Whether it be for a birthday or another special occasion, this cast iron blue tit will add charming detail to an outdoor space and can be kept outdoors all year round.

Sitting Sheep Weighted Doorstop

This cute sheep doorstop may be small but he's big on charm. His soft, fluffy fleece makes him irresistibly cuddly as well as being a decorative addition to the home. This adorable character is sure to add a bit of country charm to a room and filled with heavyweight sand, this doorstop is strong enough to hold open most doors.

Hanging Californian Firefly Metal Garden Wall Art

Another gift idea is this charming firefly which can be hung up on a garden wall or fence to bring wildlife and character to your outdoor space. The intricate design and metallic features really catch the eye, making this a wonderful statement piece to have in all outdoor areas, especially when the sun shines on the detail.

Bee Spiral Garden Hanging Wind Chime Mobile - Gold

Bring movement and magic into your garden with this gift for a wildlife lover.  The beautiful bee mobile is handcrafted and can be hung in trees or porches to watch them come alive in the slightest breeze. Not only are they relaxing, they will move and dance with the elements, creating a zen like calm in your garden.

Owl Wizard Decorative Garden Stake

You would be a wise owl to give this gift to an animal lover. Made from durable, weather-resistant metal and full of character with its wizard hat and cape, this feathered friend adds a Harry Potter vibe to your garden. This garden stake can be pushed into the ground amongst flower beds to support growing plants and provide a decorative touch.