Our top eco-friendly picks from Garden Gifts

Sustainability seems to be the word on everyone's lips of late. Due to the climate change emergency that was declared by many governments and organisations in 2021, people are now looking for more eco-friendly gifts to give their loved ones. A gift that's thoughtful, affordable and kind to the planet will be top of the list for all your family. To help you find the perfect sustainable present, we've put together a list of our favourite eco-friendly gift ideas.

Solar Powered Baltazar Lantern (RRP £22.99)

With people looking for new ways to cut their power bills, solar power plays an important role in the fight against climate change. Our range of solar-powered lanterns is an increasingly popular choice for those seeking environmentally-friendly lighting and the Balthazar will create a cosy ambience, as well as a decorative silhouette effect.

Lily Pad Garden Rain Chain (RRP £29.99)

With water conservation also on the eco agenda, a rain chain would make the perfect gift for a gardener.  This highly decorative piece is ideal if you're trying to save water during the rainy season. Simply hang in a tree or near your gutters to direct water into a rain barrel, flowerbed or water features for future use.

Three Floor Wooden Insect House With Metal Roof (RRP £16.99)

You’re probably already aware that our pollinating insects are in trouble, with numbers and species in quite a dramatic decline. The good news is that you can all help them thrive in our gardens and outdoor spaces, by gifting one of our Insect Houses. Complete with different-sized bamboo hollow tubes, fir wood, pine wood and wood shavings, it will provide a safe home for various insects from lacewings to ladybirds and bees and butterflies.

Wooden Bird House (RRP £24.99)

Garden birds are said to be an indicator of the natural environment, so why not make a home in the garden by gifting a loved one this beautiful wooden bird home? The birdhouse is made from wood from sustainable sources that are approved by the FSC. A highly decorative piece for any garden which looks good hung from a tree so you can enjoy watching nature at work.

Sage Indoor Woven Basket Green Plant Pot (RRP £11.99 – 21.99)

Houseplants are well known for their health and well-being benefits, as well as their special abilities to filter toxins and clean the air in our homes. Whether you’re looking for a large plant for maximum impact when you walk into a room, or you have limited space, the Sage Basket Pot comes in four sizes to accommodate all sizes of plants for your recipient.

Wall Mounted Coat Hanger Rack - Cast Iron Antlers (RRP - £12.99)

Cast iron is an incredibly sustainable material, mainly down to the fact that it can be recycled without losing its properties so why not gift from our carefully curated collection of decorative cast iron items?  The antlers coat rack is apt for country living in the home, perfect for the porch, shed or boot room.


Outdoor Dragonfly Solar Light Garden Stake (RRP £29.99)

Harness the power of the sun’s rays and light up the garden at night with this stunning and effective dragonfly stake. It charges throughout the day and then puts on a spectacular show after dark. The recipient of this gift will love how the dragonfly glows individually or is even more eye-catching if placed in multiples amongst borders or plant pots.

Glass Terrarium Kit with Cork Lid (RRP £24.99)

Our terrarium when planted forms a tiny ecosystem and mini climate where plants and other organisms work together to form a balanced environment.  Ideal for novice gardeners, a terrarium gift will become beautiful decoration, wherever it is placed in the room. With our Do-It-Yourself plant terrarium kits, your recipient will not only receive a long-lasting gift but one that is also very sustainable.

Garden Gifts Online Gift Card

For the person that has everything or if you simply can’t choose, why not buy your dearest a Garden Gifts card?  Our gift cards are digital, meaning no wasteful plastic and emissions for transport, packaging and printing.  It also means you can give the recipient the freedom to choose their living garden gift.