Bamboo Globe lantern, placed on a garden table

Over the past two years it has become more important than ever to have an outdoor space where you can unwind. That's why we're here to help you discover some pieces to make your space a tranquil retreat to relax.

Here are our top 5 tips to make your outdoor space come to life.

Make an entrance today!

What better way to make an entrance than with our Garden Arches. Placing a Garden Arch over a pathway or patio immediately creates an intriguing focal point within your outdoor space. The added height creates an elegant impact which will be sure to be the talking point between friends and family.

Garden Arches are also a great way to support a huge variety of climbing or trailing plants such as Honeysuckle, Roses, Passionflower, sweet pea and morning glory. Once your plants are flourishing, this will also add a huge amount of privacy from on-looking gardens.

Feather Garden Arch

 Feather Garden Arch

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Accessorising your flower beds

Whilst taking up minimal space, ornaments and flower stakes are a great way to accessorise and brighten up your garden and flower beds.

Not only are these garden stakes beautiful and decorative, they can also be used all year round and to support tall plants during their growing season.

Garden stakes also make a really thoughtful gift for your green-thumbed friends and family, so be sure to browse our wide selection here.

 Meadow Butterfly Glass Garden Stake

Meadow Butterfly Glass Garden Stake

Opening up your space

A great way to create depth and really open up your outdoor space is by using Garden Mirrors. By placing a mirror in the right place, you can create a great sense of space and reflect light into any shady spots. With this in mind, always consider where you're placing your mirror, you wouldn't want to reflect a darker or less inviting area of your garden.

You could even pair these mirrors with garden rugs or cushions to really bring your space to life and bring the indoors, outdoorsSt.Simon Garden MirrorSt.Simon Garden Mirror

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Setting the mood

Whether you're relaxing on a warm summer evening or an autumn afternoon, outdoor lanterns and tealight holders are an amazing way to really set the mood and warm up any outdoor space. Metal lanterns make the perfect addition to any wedding aisle or event/party.

Battery and solar lanterns are perfect to illuminate those darker corners in your outdoor space and, as a lot of us are planning stay-cations, are also great for camping to dot around your campsite. 

Candle and tealight holders make the perfect accompaniment to any table setting, indoor or outdoor! Lanterns and candle holders also make thoughtful and stylish gifts for the interior designer in your life.Gold Drum Candleholder

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Encouraging Nature

Making your garden more inviting for wildlife will not only be rewarding for them, but for you too.

Our Hedgehog feeders and bird bath bowl's are perfect for attracting a variety of species to your garden. With a dish depth of 11cm, there's plenty of room for the birds to have a good wash, which is essential for cleaning trapped dirt that can get stuck in their feathers. This rustproof bird bath bowl can also be used as a feeder; just add seeds and watch as the birds graze.

An image of Garden Gift's Hedgehog and Leaf Bird Feeder

Hedgehog & Leaf Bird Feeder Bowl

Hanging a bird feeder in your garden is also a great way to attract wildlife into your outdoor space. Bird watching is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. During the first lockdown in the UK, The University of Surrey compiled research on how nature and gardens affected individuals health and wellbeing. A third more respondents reported feeling frequently happy when they had high nature in their garden, compared with lower levels of nature.

Hanging Acorn Bird Feeder with a Blue Tit feeding

Hanging Acorn Bird Feeder

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