Sustainable gift wrap ideas

Have an eco-conscious Christmas!

It's more important than ever to think about the impact the choices we make have on our planet and environment. So we've put together some eco-conscious gift wrapping ideas!

Keep it recyclable

Using products that are recyclable or made from recycled materials is a great place to start. Most wrapping papers are coated in a thin plastic meaning it can't be recycled. These plastic coated wrapping papers will take 2-6 weeks to fully decompose in landfill, taking up a lot of space and energy. Opt for brown paper, un-coated wrapping paper, cardboard boxes or twine/string.

Re-purpose, make it special
You could even re-purpose your old scarves, neckerchiefs and scraps of material in to wrapping. Open out the scarf and place your gift in the middle, cross opposite corners and tie in a knot, then do that same with the other two corners. Decorate as you wish and add a homemade tag! The scarf then becomes part of the gift itself!
Decorate naturally
Collect Holly, branches, autumnal coloured leaves and pinecones to decorate your gifts naturally. This way you're not only not using plastic bows and ribbons that will take years to decompose , you're also creating something unique and beautiful too!
Save your wrapping!
Make sure you hold on to any salvageable pieces of wrapping, you can store these away and re-use them next Christmas! You could also cut up used Christmas cards and turn them in to labels. Just cut out the design you want from the front of the card, stick it on to some backing paper or card (if the back isn't blank) and attach to your gift. Don't be afraid to get creative!