Dancing Pheasant Garden Wind Rocker



About These Dancing Pheasants Garden Wind Rockers

These brilliant balancing wind rockers will sway in the wind. The unique double ball design allows the item to stay balanced at all times. These fun, delightful designs feature an array of creatures, modes of transport and birds.

Why We Love It

  • Each garden wind rocker has been expertly crafted from a selection of high-quality metal materials including wrought iron, aluminium and steel
  • Ideal for placement within flowerbeds or grassy areas, the delicacy and intricacy of each design will bring a real sense of charm to any outdoor space
  • An eye-catching, whimsical wind rocker decoration that will create a wonderful focal point in your outdoor space
  • Fast and free delivery on orders over £40, dispatched directly from our Cotswolds warehouse


Width 57cm
Height 120cm

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