Hanging Acorn Bird Feeder

Size: Medium


About this Acorn Bird Feeder

Attract a variety of bird species with this delightful hanging acorn bird feeder with a mesh cage that makes it easy for the birds to access a tasty snack. Available in two sizes and comes with a loop hook to hang from a branch or wall. Our range of bird feeders are frostproof, so can be enjoyed by the birds all year round.

Why we love it

  • Made from durable resin and coated to protect it from the elements, including frost
  • Hang from a branch or wall using the ring hook at the end of the chain
  • A mesh cage allows the birds to easily grip onto the feeder and helps prevent squirrels from stealing the food
  • Choose a medium or large feeder and fill with shelled peanuts or a bird seed mix
  • To refill simply unscrew the acorn top
14cm 17cm
Height including chain
40cm 50cm
Depth 13cm 16cm

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