Hedgehog Bird Bath Bowl



About this Bird Bath Bowl

This wide bird bath bowl is perfect for attracting a variety of species to your garden. With a dish depth of 11cm, there's plenty of room for the birds to have a good wash, which is essential for cleaning trapped dirt that can get stuck in their feathers. This frostproof bird bath bowl can also be used as a feeder; just add seeds and watch as the birds graze.

Why We Love it

  • Made from durable resin creating a sturdy bowl for the birds to grip onto
  • This attractive bird bath bowl is coated to protect it from the elements, so it can be left outside all year
  • Bird baths help to keep bird's feathers clean of dirt so they can preen easily, which is essential for feather maintenance
  • Decorated with intricate leaf designs on the outside of the bowl
  • With a dish depth of 11cm, there's plenty of space for the birds to bathe

Specifications and Care

Width at Widest Point 33cm

It's important to regularly clean your bird water bowl to remove debris, algae and other impurities to reduce the risk of disease being transmitted to the birds and other wildlife. We recommend you refill the bowl every other day, then every other week or so scrub down to remove stubborn dirt. 

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