Hedgehog & Leaf Bird Feeder Bowl



About this Decorative Bird Feeder Bowl

This cute bird feeder bowl features a sneaky hedgehog peering into the leaf where birds can collect water, seeds and other treats. In the summer use it as a bird bath to keep the birds cool, and in winter when food is harder to find top it up with seeds to keep them well fed.

Why We Love it

  • Made from durable resin creating a sturdy bowl for the birds
  • This pretty feeder is coated to protect it from the elements, so it can be left outside all year
  • Can also be used as a bird bath, which birds use to keep their feathers clean of dirt, which is essential for preening


Width at Widest Point 28cm

It's important to regularly clean your bird feeder to remove dirt to reduce the risk of disease being transmitted to the birds and other wildlife.

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