Natural Wood Insect Hotel With Bark Roof



About This Natural Wood Insect Hotel

This insect hotel is perfect for those who love nature and wildlife. With a decorative bark roof and bamboo tubular tunnels, the hotel is the perfect home for nesting bees, beetles, ladybirds and other insects. It has a natural but decorative design that will fit perfectly in any garden, adding a touch of rustic charm.

Why We Love It

  • Two different chambers provide safe and warm hiding places for insects
  • This decorative insect hotel features a bark roof and bamboo tubular tunnels for nesting bees, beetles and ladybirds
  • Easy to hang from trees, fence posts or walls
  • Made from natural fir wood with a professional and weatherproof finish
  • Fast delivery, directly from our warehouse in the heart of the Cotswolds

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Length 16cm
Width 10cm
Height 16cm

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