Pineapple Spin Hanging Garden Chain



Pineapple Spin Hanging Garden Chains

Add a fun and decorative focal point to your outdoor space in an instant with these charming pineapple hanging garden chains that spin in the wind.

Why We Love It

  • Pineapples are considered to symbolise warmth, hospitality and welcoming. Place these pineapple windchimes outside your front door or porch for an inviting decoration when guests arrive
  • These hanging garden chains make a fabulous gift for a special someone that loves spending time in their garden
  • Not only are these hanging garden chains pretty to look at, they are also extremely practical as they're crafted from weatherproof materials, meaning you can leave them outside all year round without worrying

Explore our variety of decorative garden hanging mobiles and windchimes, perfect for adding the final touch to your outdoor space. 


Depth 10cm
Width 10cm
Height 175cm

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