Table Bird Feeder with Three Cuddling Birds



About this Bird Feeder Dish 

This charming bird feeder dish is perfect for a table top and is designed to blend in beautifully with natural surroundings. Decorated with three cuddling birds that perch on the edge of the leaf rim, this bird feeder offers a simple solution to providing your feathered friends with healthy food while still looking beautiful in your garden.

Why We Love it

  • Made from durable resin creating a sturdy surface for the birds to grip onto
  • This pretty bird feeder dish is coated to protect it from the elements, so it can be left outside all year
  • Three huddled birds sit on the edge of the feeder dish that's decorated with a leaf rim
  • Can also be used as a shallow bird bath

Specifications and Care

Width Height
20.5cm 12cm 33cm

It's important to regularly clean your bird feeder to remove dirt to reduce the risk of disease being transmitted to the birds and other wildlife.

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