Three Frogs Table Bird Feeder



About this Table Bird Feeder

This table bird feeder is a perfect way to add interest to your garden and to attract a variety of bird species. Three frogs sit above the lily pad bowl where birds can either bathe or graze on seeds. The durable resin construction makes this feeder suitable for outdoor use year round.

Why We Love it

  • Made from durable resin creating a sturdy surface for the birds to grip onto
  • This attractive table bird feeder is coated to protect it from the elements, so it can be left outside all year
  • Can be used as a bird feeder with seeds or fill with water to use as a bird bath
  • Bird baths help to keep bird's feathers clean of dirt so they can preen easily, which is essential for feather maintenance
Specifications and Care
Width 23cm
Length 24cm

It's important to regularly clean your bird feeder and bath to remove debris, algae and other impurities to reduce the risk of disease being transmitted to the birds and other wildlife. We recommend you refill the bowl every other day, then every other week or so scrub down to remove stubborn dirt. 

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