Cast Iron Twisted Cone Plant Support - 5ft (155cm)



About These Cast Iron Twisted Cone Plant Supports

These gorgeous cast iron plant supports provide your herbaceous and climbing plants to grow upwards, as well as adding a decorative touch to your garden.

Why We Love It

  • Simply push these plant supports in the ground amongst your borders or lawn and allow your plants to grow upwards 
  • At 5 foot tall, this plant support will instantly add some height and character to your garden
  • Crafted in cast iron, these plant supports will age gracefully overtime, creating a rustic finish that provides more character to your overall garden display
  • Enjoy fast and free delivery on orders over £40, dispatched directly from our Cotswolds warehouse

Explore our full range of Garden Obelisks and Plant Supports, perfect for the keen gardener to create a relaxing and beautiful retreat at home. 


Height 155cm

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