Wooden Hedgehog House



About This Wooden Hedgehog House

This wooden hedgehog house will help to create a safe habitat for these small spiky mammals and give them a helping hand during the long, cold winter months. Designed with a small entrance tunnel, the house also has a slanted waterproof asphalt roof to protect against the elements and allow water runoff.

Why We Love It

  • This wooden hedgehog house imitates a natural nest and offers hedgehogs a safe place to hibernate
  • Has a small entrance tunnel into the hedgehog house to keep them safe from larger predators
  • Made from high-quality pine wood and has a slanted waterproof felt roof to keep hedgehogs dry and warm
  • The hinged roof can be opened easily for both feeding and cleaning, and the house has been treated with hedgehog-safe water-based varnish for use all year
  • Garden Gifts tip: place your hedgehog house in a safe and quiet nook in your garden such as against a back wall, fence or bushy area to make hibernating hedgehogs feel at home
  • Fast delivery directly from our Cotswolds warehouse

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Length 35cm
Width 35cm
Height 18cm

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